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Coin Shooting Pistol

The MacGlashan Coin Shooting Gun

The MacGlashan Coin Shooting Pistol was first introduced in 1945 by the MacGlashan Air Machine Gun Company that was located in Los Angeles, California. MacGlashan was better known as the maker of the BB shooting air powered Machine Gun used by the military for training Army Air Corp and Navy personnel. See the link to the left on more information on the BB machine guns.

The Coin Shooting Pistol was designed for the Carnival trade and Amusement Parks and was sold in sets of four with chains and eye bolts to attach to the carnival tent counters.

When first introduced the operater was expected to setup prizes on boards/stands. Contestants were expected to knock the prize off to win. Tarps behind the prizes would catch the booth operators earnings.

In 1946 MacGlashan was offering targets that were more difficult and had to have five "Aces" on the target board knocked down to win. Aces were able to be remotely reset by the operator.

Pistols were not marked "MacGlashan". Markings on left side are "Made in U.S.A.", and right side has "Pat. Pend.".

MacGlashan designed the guns to look and feel like a .38 Automatic pistol. A large Coin spring shoots the coin, while a second smaller spring located in the breech gives the impression of recoil from an automatic slide.

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MacGlashan Coin Shooting Pistol
Right side view shows the chain and eyebolt used to attach to counters.
MacGlashan Coin Pistol Slide
Right side view with Slide drawn back in cocking position.
MacGlashan Coin Shooting Pistol Ad
Advertised in the August 4th, 1945 Billboard magazine as the "NEW" coin shooting pistol. Prices were for a set of four for $100.00. or smaller quantities at $35.00 each.
MacGlashan Coint shooting Pistol Ad
Advertisement in the June 29th, 1946 Billboad magazine now offers "something new..." colorful targets.
MacGlashan Coin Shooting Pistol Directions
Advertisement in the Mar 30, 1946 Billboard magazine. "Throw away your corks use nickels instead".
MacGlashan Coin Shooting Pistol Directions
Original Disassembly instructions that were included with the shipped pistols. Hole in the instructions was shot by a nickel.

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Coin Shooting Gun