Mounted Tales

Mounted Police Tales
Toledo, Ohio
Heart Attack

I used to shoe the heavy horses for the Toledo, OH Mounted Patrol. I recall one of the officers relating an incident that happened at one of the "Parties in the Park" (concerts). A man had a heart attack - people would not move out of the way as the ambulance tried to back up close to load him up and rush him to the hospital. One of the Mounted Patrol moved in and positioned their Police Horse directly behind the Ambulance then sidestepped to clear a path. The foolish mob that would not move for the ambulance did move for the horse. My guess is they didn't figure the Ambulance would mow them down - but they just weren't so sure about the horse.
Jack Griffes
Farrier since 1984
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Armed Robbery

Officer Dave McGrath, riding a horse named "Dirty Harry", happened to be in the parking lot of a downtown bank when an armed robbery in progress call came over his radio. As he responded to the front of the bank out ran the bank robber. The robber took one look at the horse, ran inside the bank, dropped his gun and the stolen money and put his hands up. He later told the mounted officer he knew it was hopeless to try and run and he was afraid of the horse.
Dover, New Hampshire
Domestic Dispute

While on routine patrol in the downtown, Sergeant Roland Morin riding “TJ” came upon two people engaged in a highly charged domestic squabble. Knowing there was about to be trouble, Sgt. Morin walked up to them, riding his horse in between them to separate them from each other. The female, who was crying, explained that she just wanted to move out of the house, and get away from her boyfriend. The boyfriend didn’t exactly like this plan. After a few moments of speaking with the officer, and petting the horse, they both calmed down and said they would work this out peacefully between themselves. Maybe TJ should start a relationship counseling service?
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