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Steady Your Spooky Horse : by Jim Barrett
Steady How-to Methods from the Mounted Police guides you through the task of training your horse to be "bombproof."

The March West : by Fred Stenson
the March West of 1874: the heroic and arduous trek that saw 275 recruits travel 800 miles of arid prairie in search of whisky traders who were fast destroying the traditions and livelihood of the Blackfoot Confederacy

Bombproof your horse : Rick Pelicano, Lauren Tjaden
GREAT book for Teaching Sensory training
to police horses - MountedPolice.COM

Sensory Training Simplified
a Guide to Despook Your Horse
Interactive Training CD-ROM
By: Mary Hamilton, Certified Mounted Police Instructor
This is one of the most professionally produced training aids we have seen. This interactive CD-rom covers everything from setting an obstacle course to the different techniques used to teach the horse to overcome fear, and "Trust" its rider. This CD-ROM course would be an asset to any mounted departments training program.

Getting Ready for Mounted Search and Rescue : Deborah Schultz
Be prepared, before you are called out to search. Very good book on planning ahead for search and rescue operations involving the mounted units.

Animals protecting us : for kids ages 4-8

Working Together
Mounted Police
By Joanne Mattern
Humans and animals can also make a great team working together. See how horses and the officers who ride them work together to keep our streets safe.
Childrens book

A Manual for
The Mounted Officer
By Jim Barrett
A well written manual for anyone considering a career in Mounted Police, or a current Mounted Officer wishing to update their training program. Sections on Sensory, crowd control, formations and more.
Highly recommended - MountedPolice.COM

Training for Trail Horse Classes
by Laurie Truskauskas
The author takes you from developing suppleness and obedience in your horse to negotiating gates, bridges, lope-overs and all other trail obstacles. Instructions are well illustrated with photos.

Games on Horseback : by Betty Bennett-Talbot,
Add a couple of these games in a long day or obstacle/sensory training can make the day a more enjoyable experience for the mounted officers.

Mounted Police : by Michael Green
Presents a brief history of mounted police; describes their functions, horses, uniforms, and equipment; and gives particular attention to the New York City mounted unit.

The man who listens to Horses : Monty Roberts
Nice book if you follow the Joining method of training.

Other Books of interest:

These books are out-of-print but can usually be found on Ebay or through Out-of-print book dealers.

Gendarme - 1977 30pages. Charming childrens book about a foal that grew up to be a Victorian(Australia) Police horse.

Police Horses : by Judith Campbell
Historical and very informative book on Mounted units around the world.
Sir Noble - The Police horse 1940 66pages. Written with the cooperation of the NYC Mounted Police. Story of a Plantation Walking horse, from birth through training to retirement.

Trusty, the story of a Police Horse 1947 191pages Story of a Mounted Police Thoroughbred horse named Trusty. In New York City.

History of the Detroit Mounted Police 1893-1993 1993 318 pages

And a Toy for the kids:

Patrol Police Coupe
My four year old loves this! - President, MountedPolice.COM

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