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Donating Horses - The Departments below accept donations of horses for thier Mounted Police Unit. Some Donations are Tax deductible. Please contact the individual department for further questions.

Delaware Co. Sheriff's Mounted Patrol
Muncie IN
Call (765) 747-7885 Ext. 885
OR visit
The Delaware Co. Sheriff's Mounted Patrol Unit In Muncie IN. is run on donations and is interested in any geldings 16hh or taller gentle and sound. Must be cut out for police work. Black, Bay, Roan, or Gray. No odd color combinations. Drafts such as Shire, or Belgian that can be saddled, or Ten. Walker's prefered but will not exclude other breeds. Also need donations to keep our program going.
Provincetown Police Department
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Contact Jodi Rapose at the Provincetown Police Department
508-487-1212 OR Email at
Sound, no biting, or kicking
please. Any and all donations are graciously appreciated..
Hartford Police Department
Hartford, CT
Cheryl Lynch at the police barn, (860) 722-8278.
If you know of any sound, quiet horses who need a new home, or if you would like to donate money to buy a horse
New York City Mounted Unit
625 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 239-9352
Fax: (212) 239-9819
To be accepted a horse should be a black, bay, or chestnut gelding, 3 to 9 years of age, with a minimum height of 15.2 hands. Vices such as biting, kicking, or cribbing would disqualify a horse. The horse must be sound of wind and limb, that is, there should be no injuries or illnesses which preclude normal performance.
Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Special Deployment Division
2600 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 255-2830
Attn: Carol Duffey
Geldings, 15.2H. minimum.
Providence, Rhode Island
Roger Williams Park
Inspector Del Rio at (401 ) 272-3121 ext. 2613.
The unit continues to seek donations, both corporate and private, of suitable mounts for patrol duties. As older horses are retired and found suitable homes, fresh re-mounts are continuously being sought to replenish stock
contact Mr. Ed Little at Culver Academies
at (574) 842-8355
or e-mail at
CULVER MILITARY ACADEMY and CULVER GIRLS ACADEMY would like to give you a tax donation for your retired horse. The Academies are always looking for dark horses to use in their famous Black Horse Troop.

Culver is looking for horses 7 to 20 years of age, dark bay, dark brown or, preferably, black. The horse must be sound of wind and limb.

Culver provides a great home for its black (dark) horses that work in the schools program. Culver gives its horses top care, with both a farrier and dental regular schedules. The school also vaccinates on a regular schedule, and the horses used in the program work on a school vacation schedule. six times a year the horses are turned out on beautiful 80 - and 100-acre pastures.

If you choose to donate your horse to this program, be assured that the horses are given the greatest care and are used in student riding classes taught by adults with extensive experience in equine science. If you are looking for a place for your retired horse, and would like to benefit from a tax donation, please contact Mr. Ed Little at Culver Academies at (574) 842-8355 or e-mail at
Thank you very much.

If your department accepts Horse Donations and would like to be listed here contact MountedPolice.COM

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